Intuitive, emotional and sometimes rational

We translate advanced science into services that help you design journeys that generate desired behaviors and enhanced experiences.

Behavioral Economics, Nudging, System 1 & 2
– what is it and how can it help you?

The psychology behind decision making has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Our proven system will help you adapt and design your journeys in alignment with human behavior which makes it natural to make the right choice and increase customer satisfaction. For example, in a recent study, an automated payment function has proven to increase customer satisfaction by 10%.

Tools and services

Two Nobel prizes! This is advanced science and we know everyone loves to, and has the time to, read academic journals. No?! How about a bite sized toolkit you can buy as a service or learn how to do it yourself – or preferably, mix it up a little!

Behavioural Journey redesign

A service that makes your journey, whatever it is today truly intuitive, emotionally adequate and rationally pleasant.

Coglode Nuggets™

We work with Coglode, producers of the best bite sized behavioural research playing cards in the business.


Off the shelf or adjusted to your needs. A great way of introducing “nudging” to your organization.

Training & Certification

This is useful stuff that you can learn how to master – together with us and loads of other people. Improving you on this job and the next.

Where do I use this stuff?

Our tools and services can be used to solve specific problems in a wide variety of fields.
We have expertise in the following areas.

Customer experience

Behavioural journeys with clear purpose


When making something new, what should we know?


How to make people follow boring rules.


What really messes up risk assessment?

Human Resources

Processes, culture & Leadership


Conversion, Pricing, Loyalty

Join our orbit!

Join us and our orbit to access our combined knowledge and tested processes and be on your way in becoming a fully fledged orbiter yourself – super useful and great fun!

Big isn’t always better

Most consultancies like big assignments and want you to launch programs that promise to solve everything. Big isn’t always better. Sometimes, or most of the time, a little nip’n’tuck is all you need and Behavioural economics is the perfect tool for this.

Who we are and why we do what we do

Our cross-disciplinary team of experts can help you solve existing business problems as well as avoid creating new ones. Get in touch!

Lars Johannsen

Customer Insight Expert

Mats Söderberg

Customer Insight Expert

Anders Stenkrona

Behavioral Insight Expert

Joakim Karlsson

Behavioral Insight Expert

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